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PKT Enterprises

About Us

PKT Enterprises is an organization established in 1994, which is committed to serving the needs of adults with developmental disabilities.  PKT Enterprises is actually the name we do business as, and comes from our corporate name, Paraklatos, Incorporated.  The word Paraklatos is Greek for “advocate” or “counselor,” implying a “coming along side” role, a position with a responsibility that we believe to be very important.

In viewing ourselves as advocates; we strive to support the dreams, needs, and rights of the individuals we serve, and as counselors; to coach, instruct and encourage each person to achieve their full potential.

We began with one home in St. Paul and have gradually grown to our current number of 11 residential group homes in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area.  The type of assistance we provide depends on the needs and desires of the individuals we serve.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to all those we serve. We believe that in providing an environment which is safe and fun, the persons we serve have the ability to live, learn and grow while achieving their goals. It is our desire to promote independence, provide opportunities to have meaningful relationships and introduce new experiences. We believe that the best investment that one can make is in the lives of those around us.

Our priority is in our people, both individuals served and staff. Persons served are supported in their living environment, which allows them to be offered and make choices regarding the care and services they receive. Staff are trained and prepared through on-going education, tailored to each person’s individual needs, diagnosis, dreams, and desires. In addition to our company wide high quality staff, we have a select group of staff trained to specifically serve the deaf/hard of hearing population in all departments.

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