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September Employee of the Month – Erika Palmer

PKT would like to recognize and thank Erika for:

  • Taking time out of each shift to talk to the clients and find out what they want to do!
  • Building a great rapport with all the clients at the White House!
  • Volunteering to take over the open APM hours, keeping things running smoothly!
  • Having great communication skills and advocating for the clients so they get what they want and need!
  • Always being upbeat and positive, which rubs off on the clients!
  • Being a great team player and being liked by co-workers!
  • Doing a great job with taking clients to appointments and documenting clearly how   it went!
  • Coming to work with a smile and positive attitude, which all of the clients love!
  • Being a fantastic support for all the clients at the house!
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