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PKT Enterprises

How We Serve

In Home Support Services (IHS)

Our In-Home department specializes in offering community supports to adults with intellectual disabilities who live independently, in a foster care setting, or with parents/guardians.

The focus of In-Home Support Services is to provide socialization and community utilization services, expanding lives and circle of friends while building lasting, meaningful relationships. Depending on the person, services are designed to cater to their specific needs and wishes. PKT is able to offer additional support to those needing medical, financial, nutritional, and organizational services.

Providing new and creative activities is an essential daily activity. Our qualified staff assess and meet the ever-changing needs and desires of our persons served, while offering choices that are interesting and meaningful.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

PKT Enterprises’ supported  living services division is comprised of group homes located in Ramsey, Washington and Anoka Counties. Three or four individuals reside in each residential home. PKT specializes in serving persons with a broad spectrum of diagnoses, varying abilities, and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Our family style of living is reflected in both our organization-wide planned events, and when providing community utilization opportunities. Family picnics, birthday parties and holiday get-togethers are the keys to maintaining our family atmosphere.

PKT is prepared to handle all medical, social, leisure, and recreation needs. Our experiences range from serving adults with few needs, to those who are completely dependent upon staff for all activities of daily living.

PKT provides and or participates in meaningful community utilization opportunities as well. Special Olympics, art classes, adaptive recreation, bowling league, and Community Bridge classes round out our community programming.

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