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PKT Enterprises

Why We Serve

The desire to offer high quality living support services for adults with disabilities and mental illness defines who we are and why we serve.

We continually strive to offer a high standard of care and compassion to those we serve.  But more importantly, we strive to educate and teach individuals with disabilities to challenge themselves to become as independent as possible.  Independence is a subjective term and means different things to different people.  For some of our persons served, independence means being able to budget their money without running out before the next pay day, to others independence means administering their own medications without error.  Regardless of what level they are at, PKT strives to meet them at their individual level and identify where they are best served to help them lead self-directed lives.

To be a part of PKT one must have a certain humanitarian spirit.  PKT is filled with high quality staff who strive to care for people and know the importance of human relationships.  It doesn’t take long after being with one of our persons served, to forget about any differences and realize that at the root of our company we are people working with people.  Our clients are strong and resilient, who do not let their disability define them.  We do not have disabled people at PKT, but rather people with disabilities.  They take life on with more life experiences then the average person and they know first-hand how to connect with people.  In return, we learn from those we serve the importance of relationships and community.  We learn what it means to sit and talk with someone one on one, we learn to problem solve and how to cope, we learn about culture and diversity.  We learn from them that life is more than a paycheck or a career; they enrich us with a view on life that is oftentimes missed in our fast paced individualistic culture.

Why we serve … ultimately we serve because we see the value in relationships.  We serve because we do not define our persons served by their disability.  We serve because we find those relationships to be rewarding and meaningful.  We serve because we grow as individuals from the experiences shared, and we serve because we feel a sense of community and family.  But ultimately we serve because we care for the individuals we work with and for, while upholding our mission statement “… treating everyone with respect, compassion and dignity”.

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