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2017 Management Employee of the Year – Nicola Opine

PKT would like to recognize Nicki by sharing a few outstanding characteristics she exemplifies:

  • One of the first managers to volunteer to help out in all circumstances
  • Always open to new ideas and fresh perspective
  • Completes all tasks expected of her and helps other managers
  • Seems to always be positive and upbeat
  • Can count on Nicki to give an honest assessment, provide insight and feedback as to how it could work better
  • Has a great attitude, which can be seen on a daily basis
  • Lets those who have done a great job know and encourages those who need more guidance
  • Gives credit and praises performance where needed
  • Always available to chat or sort out any troubles
  • Turns mode from negativity to more of a solution driven conversation
  • Seeks out ways to be more proficient in her work
  • Jumps in when there is a problem and finds a way for everybody to be a part of it and solve it
  • Talks with staff about the importance of teamwork, communicating and working together appropriately
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